Welcome to ARTINA

Artina was incorporated in Victoria, British Columbia, in 2020. The Company developed its mobile concept to thrive in a delivery-driven market environment. Committed to the restaurant industry's future, the Company will become a premier robot-centric cafe business in Canada. Automation has many benefits, as it reduces staff expenses, increases productivity, and elevates the customer experience.


Our Mission

Turn ice cream and pastry shops into autonomous, fully automated food kiosks and restaurants into highly efficient and profitable businesses integrating robotic solutions with human staff. Then open this innovation to entrepreneurs as a franchise opportunity.

Our Vision

A world-class operator of food-centric robotic systems to deliver superior quality, service, and profitability.

Robotic Café-Reinvented

The robotic café format offers the best food options:

Ice Cream

Perfectly served by our robotics with exquite and delectable taste. With variety of flavors to choose from.

Waffle Crepe

Savory or sweet?... a soft,thin yet crunchy that you will definitely enjoy. Best paired with our signature ice cream selections.


Maximizing Comfort while Eating

Customers will enjoy fast, savory at greatly reduced costs for food they enjoy eating.

Why choose ARTINA?

Café Fueled by Robotics

Automation enables us to prepare every customer order correctly. Even though the main work is conducted through robotics, we never lose the human touch through friendly customer service.

  • Accuracy: Food assembly is monitored by intelligent sensors to prevent spilling and discrepancies. Plus, customers with dietary restrictions need not worry that their meal might include unwanted ingredients.
  • Efficiency: Artina's robotic cafe ensures busy customers can quickly receive their orders.
  • Food Waste: Our technology helps tackle food waste by reducing mistakes.
  • Environmentally sustainable: We use recyclable packaging and our technology is self-cleaning. Our model is more environmentally sustainable than conventional establishments.
  • Food Safety: Our customers appreciate that their food and drinks are made in a clean and sanitary environment.

Our Team

Matin Shafiee

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Artina, Matin will direct and lead the development and implementation of long-term strategies for the Company’s overall growth. She will be responsible for creating, communicating, and executing the Company's vision and mission.

Ehsan Saffari

Chief Technology Officer

Ehsan will be responsible for overseeing all executive decisions with regard to the technological interests of Artina. He will develop the Company's technological vision, execute strategies, and ensure that the technological resources are aligned with the Company's business objectives.


Operations Manager

As Artina’s Operations Manager, Armin will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Company. He will execute strategic and operational objectives and maintain consistent communication with senior management and employees.

Arezoo Yazdani

Purchaser Manager

Arezoo will handle good purchasing such as ingredients. She will build a network of reliable vendors and service providers to secure favorable deals for the company. She will be responsible for identifying potential products, vendors and services.